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Sokfarm Coconut Nectar where ideas are born

The idea of producing products from Sokfarm brand coconut nectar was born in early 2018, when the price of dried coconuts in Tra Vinh province dropped dramatically, at one time 1200 coconuts but the farmer only had an income of 2 million VND.

Concerned with these difficulties, Ms. Chal Thi – conceived the idea of developing coconut nectar products from the second largest coconut region of Vietnam. The end point of the great Mekong River.

The model has created a new direction for Tra Vinh coconut industry, helping to increase the economic value of farmers by 2-3 times, contributing to improving local livelihoods and producing agricultural products from the village. land with high quality.

Sokfarm believes that business must exist in harmony with the natural environment, accompany farmers and become a brand for the community and have a position in the international market. Therefore, we always aim for green production, environmental protection, fair market for farmers and market partners.

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Products Description: Sokfarm coconut nectar is a product made from 100% fresh
coconut blossom by VACUUM CONCENTRATION TECHNOLOGY. The product has a sweet, slightly
salty taste of minerals and a signature sour aftertaste due to the fermentation process.

Benefit: Weight control, Replace fast food, Product suitable for diabetics and dieters, Helps provide meals with full tastes

Ingredients:Natural, delicious taste from coconut flower buds, No added sugar, No colorants and chemicals, No Preservatives
Pure plant coconut blossom
Rich in minerals and amino acids
The sweetness is equivalent to 70% of cane sugar

Packing: 65g: 48 jars/carton, 250g: 12 & 6 botles/carton, 700g: 6 botles/carton, 1,25kg: 5 & 12 botles/carton, 7kg/can

Certificates: HVNCLC, ISO: 22000, FDA, OCOP

Pack weight available

Coconut cider vinegar FERMENTED DRINK FOR WOMEN

Products Description: Fermented coconut nectar is a drink naturally fermented by the
traditional method of the ancient Khmer. It has a sweet flavor from
coconut blossoms and a slight sour taste. This is a great gift for family and friend gatherings.

Usage: Best served with ice and a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: 100% natural fermentation, Sweet taste from coconut flower buds, It contains no refned sugar.
Delicious traditional taste from the Ca Khi tree, Contains 2 degrees of alcohol, Aids in digestion. No Preservatives, Rich in minerals and amino acids

Packing: 375ml: 12 botles/carton

Certificates: ISO: 22000, FDA, OCOP

Pack weight available


Products Description: Sokfarm fresh coconut blossom water is a product hand-collected from coconut
blossoms by traditional blossom massaging and nectar harvesting techniques of the Khmer in Tra Vinh. This
100% natural product from coconut blossoms helps to refresh, replenish natural electrolytes and provide energy.

Ingredients: 100% natural coconut blossom, The sweetness from coconut flower buds, No Preservatives

Benefits: Extra energy, Mineral electrolyte ompensation, Natural delicious taste, Weight control

200ml: 19 botles/carton
250ml: 19 botles/carton
1000ml: 5 & 12 botles/carton

Pack weight available


Products Description: Coconut sugar is a product made from 100% fresh coconut blossom. It has a low glycemic index, is rich in antioxidants, suitable for diabetics, dieters, and helps efectively reduce stress.

Benefit: Helps provide meals with full tastes, Nutritional supplements for the brain, Stabilize blood sugar, Diabetes and dieters are suitable with this product

Ingredients: The sweetness from coconut flower buds, Traditional processing, Rich in minerals and amino acids, The sweetness is equivalent to 70% of cane sugar

135g: 12 jars/carton
250g: 10 bags/ carton

Pack weight available

Coconut flower vinegar sokfarm MOTHER NATURE’S VINEGAR - SOUR TASTE FOR HEALTH

Products Description: Sokfarm Coconut Flower Vinegar is a product naturally fermented from 100% pure fresh coconut blossom in 6 months. The product contains natural mother’s vinegar, used to replace apple cider vinegar.

Benefits: Supplementing benefcial bacteria for the intestinal tract, Aids digestion, Efective weight loss and detoxifcation, Delicious seasoning for dishes

Ingredients: 100% natural coconut nectarine vinegar, Natural fermentation for 6 months, Sweet aftertaste from coconut flower buds, Retain natural mother’s vinegar

Pack weight available

Cocoa nib & coconut nectar BITTER TASTE – ENHANCING HEART HEALTH

Products Description: The product is a combination of the sweet flavor of coconut blossom and the aromatic biter taste of cocoa nibs. The product is rich in antioxidants, stabilizes blood sugar and prevents
cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits: Provides energy, stabilizes blood sugar, Anti-aging, help mental clarity, Control weight, reduce stress, Improve heart health

Usage: Snacks for health

Ingredients: Naturally Fermented Mekong, Cocoa Beans, Rich in antioxidants

Packing: 75g: 12 bottles/carton

Pack weight available

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