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Real Bean Coffee

A journey bringing flavor of Central Highlands wind in your coffee cup

During the last days of 2018, I traveled back to the Central Highlands and together with local farmers, we started our “Real Bean”’s very first coffee harvest season. As a child of the Central Highlands, I grew up with a simple desire to ease my family’s hardship and help farmers in my region earn better lives through coffee farming. Despite the fact that Vietnam is producing a large quantity of coffee, its farmers do not make much profit from selling raw coffee beans.

There is a huge diversity in the processes of selecting coffee cultivars, planting lands, and farming methods as well as processing and roasting coffee in different organic and specialty coffee supply regions over the world. Thus, it is the delicacy in each process that creates the most tasting and highest quality cups of coffee.

Fortunately, with knowledge learned from experts in the coffee industry and findings collected in coffee supply regions, I have pursued a mission of enhancing farming methods to produce the finest coffee beans for a brighter future of the Central Highlands.

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Flavor: Bitter and woody notes with a persistent aftertaste in brown color

Description: Robusta contains from 2 to 4 percent caffeine on average. Robusta
coffee trees are often cultivated in regions in Daklak and Lam Dong
provinces, accounting for 90 percent of Vietnam's coffee farming
Robusta’s original taste ranges from neutral to chocolate bitter.
Thus, Robusta is usually for those who are in love with strong and
thick traditional coffee. In addition, Robusta is often blended with
other coffee types, especially Arabica, in Vietnam.

Packing: Paper bag of 250gr

Pack weight available


Flavor: Soft aroma with fruity notes in a light and pure brown color

Description: Arabica contains about 1.3 percent of caffeine on average. Arabica plants thrive in the mountainous regions at an altitude of 1000
meters above sea level in cool climate. There is typically one major harvest a year. It takes newly planted Arabica coffee trees approxi- mately 3 to 4 years to bear fruit and their yields peak at 6 to 8 years old. Arabica accounts for 60 percent of the world’s coffee produc- tion thanks to its reasonable percentage of caffeine and a delicate and soft aromatic taste sensation.

Packing: Paper bag of 250gr

Pack weight available


Flavor: Rich and dark bitter with chocolate note, superior aroma,
persistent aftertaste in dark black color

Description: Culi (known as Peaberry in America) is a round single bean inside
each Robusta coffee cherry. It is rare and highly valued for its
stronger and more intense flavor with high caffeine content.
Culi’s signature features include superior aroma, dark black color
and chocolaty taste. Accordingly, Culi is precious and expensive
in the coffee market.

Packing: Paper bag of 250gr

Pack weight available

Arabica and Robusta Combined Blend

Flavor: Dark bitter with fruity notes, soft aromatic, and persistent after-
taste in dark brown color

Description: An accurate ratio of Arabica and Robusta serves a full-bodied and aromatic cup of coffee which is a combination of Arabia’s delicate and soft aromatic taste sensation and Robusta’s more intense, bitter and persistent flavour. Packages with convenient drip coffee filter paper are available.

Packing: Paper bag of 250gr and 500gr; Drip coffee filter paper of 100gr

Pack weight available


Flavor: Dark bitter with fruity notes, soft aromatic, and persistent after-
taste in dark brown color

Description: Vietpresso products are a combination of Robusta and Arabica coffee in a special ratio. To have a high-quality Vietpresso product, coffee trees must be grown organically and grown on primeval forest land without chemicals. The main source of nutrients comes from the soil, climate and humus layer. After being harvested, the coffee will be processed according to a special natural fermentation method, kept in an absolutely stable temperature condition to reach the standard pH.

Packing: Paper bag of 500gr; Paper box of 500gr

Pack weight available

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